Wednesday, October 28, 2009


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Twitteer Traffic

If you aren’t using twitter as a way of generating free traffic to your website, you’re missing out on one of the easiest marketing strategies ever to hit the Internet.

With so many social communities online, it is easy to see why Internet Marketers with limited time have been drawn to the simplistic interface and speediness of the ever-growing community called Twitter. Twitter is a very simple network to get involved in, even if you have been unsuccessful with other social networking websites in the past. Twitter is the most powerful, active and established micro blogging network available at this time, and if you aren’t exploiting its popularity to build or further your business, you’re missing the boat.

In fact, one of the most common questions I’ve received from those considering building a twitter marketing campaign is, “what is so different about twitter?” In truth, on first glance, twitter appears to be very basic compared to many other micro blogging communities.


Twitter is a Fool proof marketing Tool
You’ve been told how profitable pay per click marketing can be, right? It sends an instant flood of traffic to your website, and “if” you structure it properly, tweak it daily, monitor it regularly and keep your account consistently funded with hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, you can actually make it work for you.

dot Com Guru Guide to Twitter Traffic
My Friend Shanker Bakshi better known in blogsphere as dot Com guru is promoting a new eBook which guide you how to build huge twitter following and how you can use twitter as traffic source to your site. The guide also illustrates how you can make money by using twitter as strong affiliate marketing tool.

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You can join affiliate program to promote this eBook and get 50% commission on every sale. No threshold limit, No minimum payout amount. You will be paid your due commission to your PayPal accounts within the first week of every month for your previous month’s sales.

Twitter is busting at the seams with new members each and every day, and many of these people are potential customers. Hesitate and you’ll be left behind.

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